Match Day

Ground Set up and Morning tea: The home team is responsible for ground set up and providing tea. Parents will be rostered on and are to complete these duties. Morning tea consists of drinks- water, cordial, fruit juice or carbonated drinks, cut up fruit and biscuits or cake. All foodstuffs provided are to be kosher. A minimum of 30 disposable cups is required.

Player Uniform: In accordance with the rules of the SDCCL, “all visible clothing, which shall include shirt (which must have sleeves), trousers, socks, wide brimmed hat and pullovers must be white”. Club members are to abide by this rule at all times. Players in incorrect attire will not be permitted to play.

Competition Policy:
Under 11: The objective of the Club is to ensure that all Under 11 players “have a fair go” and bat and bowl during each match. Prior to the first match the coach and manager will draw up a batting order. This will remain the order for the season. After each game players will move up two places in the order. The bowling order is the reverse of the batting.
Each batsman will be at the wicket for about four overs, unless given out. Batsmen are compulsorily retired on scoring 25 runs, or at the completion of their allotted overs (whichever occurs first). Once all players have batted, the remaining overs will be allotted to the retired batsmen on an equal basis. Retired batsmen will return in the order in which they are retired. Every player will bowl a minimum of two overs per game.

Under 13: Under 13 is a transition period, with players of varying skill levels within a team. Participation by all is encouraged. Allotted batting and bowling overs will be determined by players ability, performance and state of play. Batsmen are compulsorily retired upon scoring 25 runs. Retired batsmen will return in the order in which they are retired.

Under 15 &17: The batting/bowling order will be on merit from the start of the season and subject to the discretion of captain, coach and manager. However, where possible an effort will be made to give all an opportunity. Retirement scores for Under 15 is 50 runs and Under 17 is 100 runs.

Hours of play: Players are expected to be at the grounds 30 minutes prior to play.
The hours of play for under age matches are: Saturday and Sunday am 8.45 to 11.45am.
In the event of bad weather assume that play will take place, even if it is obvious that there will be no play. All players are expected to be at the ground on time, otherwise the game may be forfeited. Play may then be called off, abandoned, or provision made for a late start.
All players are expected to remain at the ground until the close of play or until the game is called off.

Scoring and Umpiring. At every game, a non- playing representative of the club over the age of 18 is required to act as umpire/ supervisor. A scorer from each club is required for every game.
Under 11 and U13 - the coach/manager may assist the players by coaching or organizing the team during the match.
Under 15 and U17 - no coaching or assistance is permitted by the umpire.
In the final series no assistance is allowed.

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