Team Selection

Player Eligibility: Players shall be under seventeen (17) years of age for the Under 17 sections, under fifteen (15) years of age for Under 15 sections, under thirteen (13) years of age for Under 13 sections and under eleven (11) years of age for Under 11 sections, at the 1st September of the current year. Minimum age is 8 years AND year 3 at school

Team Selection: Teams will be selected from registered, paid up members only. Under 11 and U13 teams are not graded. An attempt will be made to place Under 11 and U13 players with a nominated friend. Once teams have been finalised no players are to change teams. Under 15 & Under 17 teams will be balanced (5/6 batsman, 1 wicket keeper/batsman, 1/2 allrounders, and 4 bowlers) and graded. Teams will be composed of players of similar ability. This will result in 1 or 2 stronger teams, 1or 2 intermediate strength teams and 1 or 2 weaker teams.

The captain is responsible for ensuring that all play is conducted within the Spirit of the game as well as within Rules and Bylaws of the SDCCL. The captain is also responsible for all on and off field decisions and ensuring that the players behave in an acceptable manner.
Under 11 and Under 13 teams will have a rotating captains policy under the guidance of the coach/manager. The Under 15 and 17 teams will have an appointed captain.

Finals: Under 13’s, 15’s and 17’s compete in a finals series. The captain, coach and manager will select teams, and their decisions will be final. Teams will consist of twelve players (one of which may either bat or bowl only). Consideration will be given to each player’s ability, commitment, team ethic, sportsmanship and the overall balance of the team.

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